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Clear, simple and reliable recruitment for Healthcare Communications, Medical Communications and Marketing professionals.

Who are we – and what do we do? 

We’re twentyonenine, the UK's go-to healthcare communications recruitment team. We’re dedicated to helping you find, enjoy and achieve in a career within the wonderful world of healthcare communications and marketing.  

So what?

Well, you’ve just read the what, so now here’s the why

At twentyonenine, we’ve got a great team with an even greater reputation, and all of our success (and the success we get for our people) is built on three key values:  

  • To be clear - If you want a straight answer and a problem truly solved, you need to talk to us.  
  • To be simple - The more we can support you within the recruitment process, the simpler it is for clients and candidates alike to get what they want out of it all.
  • To be reliable - We’re with you on this… let’s match the perfect person to the perfect position. 

Simply put, we love our jobs, so our mission is to help other people find something that they love doing, too. 

If there are perfect positions or people in Healthcare Comms, we’ll find them.  

Thinking about signing up…

… as a candidate?

As a candidate of twentyonenine, you’ve got our guarantee that we’re going to go the extra mile for you when it comes to making your job search as easy and painless as possible. We don’t just find the vacancy - we work to match you to it. If it’s not right, we’ll tell you, and if it definitely IS right, we’ll put you in the perfect position to make it yours. From interview prep to CV and application writing tips, we’re here to support and guide you through the process. 

… as a client? 

As a client of twentyonenine, you’ll find out quickly and impressively how well-placed we are to find you qualified, creative and talented candidates that fit your brief and exceed your expectations. Tell us what you need and then rely on us to do the rest. We build meaningful client relationships that last, and that’s not about to change.  


healthcare communications

From the scientific specialists to the creative minds, we recruit to all roles across the Healthcare Communications sector. Call us geeks, if you like, but Healthcare Comms is an exciting industry to work within right now, with new roles emerging every day for talented people looking to make their mark with the best employers in the field.  


marketing & advertising

Though Healthcare is our ‘thing’, we’ve also been successful in growing a reputation for placing the perfect people in marketing and advertising roles in other sectors. So, if you love the sound of what we do here at twentyonenine, but you’re not looking to work within Healthcare Comms, it’s still worth giving us a shout. Project managers, brand managers, account directors and creatives of all kinds. 


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